Entirely Reasonable

I often think about what all could be done with the amazing technology we possess today. And, invariably, I then think about how I would abuse that technology if I worked for a shadowy government agency. I think my most frequent abuse would be to obtain the cell phone number of whoever happens to be driving too slow in the fast lane. That way, I could call them and ask them personally to either drive faster, or change lanes. And then I would erase their identity and have their friends and family entered into TSA’s no fly list. So I suppose what I’m saying is that shadowy government agencies probably wouldn’t get my A game if I worked for them.


One response to “Entirely Reasonable

  • Loapalehorse

    As a Christian I have had qualms simply in the representation of clients whom I knew were misusing the legal system given the ethical commitment that a lawyer is required to make to represent the client’s interest to the utmost extent permitted under the law. In a time long ago enough that I wonder about the metaphysical truth of whether one really does maintain the same identity through change over time, I once had the opportunity to work for an organization which probably was of the type you envisioned in your reference to a “shadowy government agency.” The things I was asked whether I could in the theoretical (let alone the things we as a society have been informed that such agencies have done to people and cultural groups in the real world) make me wonder about any toleration of shadowy government agencies, let alone giving them their desired “A game” as opposed to the “A game” to that effort for which people are to seek commissioning. Or so I tend to think these days.

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