By Way of Introduction…

I’ve tried this blog thing before, and it didn’t really go very well. It was right after college and the thought was, “Hey, I’ll start a blog so that people can stay in touch with me and know what’s going on in my life.” This was before Facebook became a thing, and blogging seemed like a great way to keep my friends updated. I quickly discovered two things: one, I am a fundamentally uninteresting person, and two, I lead a fundamentally uninteresting life.

Armed with these two profound truths, my blog became a shining example of spectacular failure. Seriously, it was bad. I’m going to try and avoid a repeat of this, but I really have no idea whether it will work out or not. Really, my only goal here is to enjoy writing. If that’s all I accomplish, then I’m fine with that. I certainly don’t expect that everything (anything?) I post will be of interest to others, but perhaps a blog is a great way for me to talk about things that interest only me. Some of you who know me well know exactly why this is important, especially when it comes to the welfare of others. See, what tends to happen is I’ll get into a conversation with someone and start talking about something that I find profoundly interesting. Pretty soon, I see their eyes begin to glaze over, and then they start desperately looking around for a friend who they can subtly motion over to save them. Well, huzzah—you can leave this page any time, and I won’t know the difference! Other than the soft piercing sensation I feel in my heart, that is.

So no pressure. I don’t have to see you leaving and going to failblog, and you don’t have to watch me cry myself to sleep at night. Fair trade.


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